2008 International Conference on Rock Magnetism
Afternoon session: Rock Magnetism
    Properties of mineral/grainsize mixtures, distributions, interactions, remanence
    Conveners:  Mike Fuller, University of Hawai’i, and Mike Jackson, University of Minnesota
Evening session: Posters
     Convener:  Mike Jackson, University of Minnesota
Wednesday, June 4
Morning session: Posters
Morning session: Extraterrestrial Magnetism
    Mars, moon, meteorites; magnetic mineralogy; magnetization processes and histories  
    Convener: Pierre Rochette, CEREGE
Afternoon minicourse: Mössbauer spectroscopy
    Enver Murad, Munich
Late afternoon excursion:  Boat trip to the Scandola marine natural reserve
Evening free
Thursday, June 5
Morning session: Paleofield Behavior and Records
    Geodynamo, core evolution and boundary
    conditions, paleosecular variation, absolute and
    relative  paleointensities, climate-field links.
    Convener:  Rob Coe, UC Santa Cruz
Afternoon minicourse: Magnetic Microscopy
    Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge
    Bruce Moskowitz, University of Minnesota
Evening Farewell Dinner
Friday, June 6
Morning session: Environmental Magnetism
    Unmixing magnetic populations and processes.
    Conveners:  Fabio Florindo, INGV Roma, and Andrew Roberts, University of Southampton
Afternoon session: Biogeomagnetism and Nanomagnetism
    Organic/inorganic crystal growth, processes and products, disordered systems.
    Conveners:  Subir Banerjee and Joshua Feinberg, University of Minnesota
Evening free
Saturday, June 7
Checkout and departure
Optional Field trip: Permian volcanics and the Vallée de l'Asco
Schedule Overview
Monday, June 2
Arrival and check-in.  
Evening keynote session
    Career and Contributions of Subir Banerjee
    (invited lecture by Bruce Moskowitz)
Tuesday, June 3:
Morning session:  Mineral Magnetism
    Magnetic ordering, transitions,    
    micromagnetic models, theory, domain/wall
    Convener:  Joshua Feinberg, Minnesota
Subir Banerjee
Photos from:  (left) Inventing Tomorrow, Sum. 2001,  Jonathan Chapman; (right) Stacey & Banerjee, 1974.
Scandola marine reserve.
Complete session information available here.     Notes for Mössbauer mini-course.  
Notes for Magnetic Force Microscopy mini-course.