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The International Conference on Rock Magnetism 2017

Magnetism of natural materials: origin and stability

July 10-14, 2017

Utrecht University, the Netherlands

This meeting is a joint initiative between the Institute for Rock Magnetism, the Paleomagnetic Laboratory Fort Hoofddijk, and other European partner institutions, with funding kindly provided by the US-NSF and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. This gathering will replace the IRM's biennial Santa Fe conference in 2017.

Iron minerals in the Earth's crust and sedimentary cover contain fossilized records of ancient geomagnetic field activity, and in their physical and chemical characteristics they hold evidence of geological processes and events that have affected them. This conference will explore the state-of-the-art in magnetic studies of natural materials, examine methods for extracting paleomagnetic and paleoenvironmental information through magnetic analysis, and assess what we are learning from such studies about the history and workings of our planet and its surroundings.

As with previous Santa Fe meetings, the format of the Santa Utrecht meeting is designed to be interactive and in-depth, allowing extended periods of open discussion following invited lead talks on selected topics. For this meeting, sessions will focus on: Fundamental rock and mineral magnetism; Geomagnetism; Sediment magnetization; and Magnetic proxy parameters and environmental magnetism. Keynote lectures will be given by Ben Gilbert of LBNL ("Iron oxide nanoparticles, their natural occurrence in dust and soil, and cutting edge character study using synchrotron techniques") and Caroline Slomp of Utrecht ("A geochemical perspective on iron-cycling and redox diagenesis").

The registration fee for the meeting is € 300, which covers all conference costs, including lunches, drinks, opening reception, two dinners, and the use of a bicycle to get around Utrecht. Optional accommodation in shared double rooms is available for a reduced rate at the nearby Star Lodge for a flat fee of € 270, this includes six nights (check-in on Sunday July 9, check-out on Saturday July 15), breakfast, Wi-Fi, and all taxes and fees. Limited travel support will be available to conference participants through grants from the National Science Foundation and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences to partially compensate travel costs.

Participation is open to students, post-docs, and faculty researchers, and will be limited to a maximum of 100 participants. For meeting registration, session descriptions, schedule and more information please visit

The registration deadline is March 1, or when the maximum of 100 participants is reached.


US Student and Post-doc Travel Support

We are able to provide limited number of travel grants with priority to US Student and Post-doc conference attendees thanks to the support of the National Science Foundation .

To apply, after you have registered through the conference website, please fill in the Travel Support Application   questionnaire.

Priority for travel support will be given to conference participants who submit an abstract and present a poster or talk (which will be assigned by the Scientific Program Committee). To submit an abstract please follow this link: for consideration for travel support, abstracts must be received by March 31st.


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