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Short Course and Lecture Notes

Notes and handouts from past short courses and lectures


IRM Quarterly Series on Low-Temperature Magnetism

This ongoing series of articles seeks to provide a comprehensive basic review of the most common types of low-temperature experiments carried out at the IRM, the phenomena observed, and how these can be interpreted. Check back for updates!

Part 1: Superparamagnetism and Paramagnetism
Part 2: The Hematite Morin Transition (260 K)
Part 3: The Magnetite Verwey Transition (120 K)
Part 4: The Pyrrhotite Transition (32 K)
Part 5: The Magnetite Verwey Transition (Part B)
Part 6: The Magnetite Verwey Transition (Part C)

Institute for Rock Magnetism, University of Minnesota, 150 John T Tate Hall, 116 Church St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455