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References and Abstracts

The IRM has compiled a list of rock-magnetic, geomagnetic, and paleomagnetic literature references. With 11,000+ references, the list (with abstracts) is now available in EndNote format. The list is updated with each new issue of the IRM Quarterly, but includes additional citations over those printed in the Quarterly.

Click on the links below to download the file(s). Note that it may be necessary to right-click on the link and select the "Save as..." option. The full list is quite large (~18 MB), so please be patient. If you would like to download only the incremental updates, these files are also listed below, keyed by Quarterly issue.

Full List (Endnote .xml format; Current to Feb. 2011)

Full List (BibDesk format, courtesy of Andrew Newell; Current to Aug. 2008)

Updates (listed by Quarterly issue):


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