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IRM Equipment: User Fees

2018 User Rates

The following daily rates apply to all non-University of Minnesota users, and are subject to change. University of Minnesota uses should contact us (irm@...) for discounted rates. Daily rates may be pro-rated, but the minimum charge is for one half-day.

Mail-in samples are subject to the per-sample measurement fees, see our service fee table for details.


Daily Rate

Vibrating Sample Magnetometers


     Princeton Measurements micro-VSM (at room-temp)


     Princeton Measurements micro-VSM (at high-temp)


     Princeton Measurements micro-VSM (at low-temp)


     Princeton Applied Research VSM (room-temp)


     Alternating Gradient Magnetometer (AGM) (at room-temp)


     Alternating Gradient Magnetometer (AGM) (at low-temp)




Magnetic Properties Measurement System (MPMS)


     MPMS1 (“Old Blue”)


     MPMS2 (“Big Red”)




Susceptometers/Susceptibility Bridges


     Kappabridge susceptibility bridge


     MFK1-FA   susceptibility bridge


     Magnon VFSM susceptibility bridge




Superconducting Rock Magnetometers


     U-channel magnetometer with track system (DC SQUIDs)


     Single sample/manual sample handler (RF SQUIDs)




Paleomagnetic equipment (magnetizers/demagnetizers)




Magnetic Microscopy (Magnetic Force Microscope, MFM, Asylum)








Mössbauer Spectrometers*




     Low-temperature, in-field (5.5 T)


     Low-temperature closed-cycle refrigerator


     Low-temperature, He dewar





still no charge


*Mossbauer runs must be performed by IRM staff and additional charges apply (see service fee table.)

Low-temperature VSM/AGM measurements are currently not available due to helium shortage.

Implementation of User Fees beginning 2011

Over the past few years, rising expenses have outstripped available funding, and in 2011 the IRM joins all other national multi-user facilities who already ask visitors to pay instrument usage fees. However, U.S. Student Fellows will be exempt from user fees, and Visiting Research Fellows will receive a $4000 grant to be used towards instrument use and travel expenses. Based on past instrument usage, $4000 is sufficient to cover all instrument use by the average Visiting Fellow over a 10-day visit. See the Equipment page for more information on instrument specs.

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