Program format: The Santa Fe Conference on Rock Magnetism features an open, informal, discussion-oriented format, and serial session arrangement (i.e., no concurrent sessions). Two keynote presentations, featuring speakers from outside of rock-/paleomagnetism or with broad interdisciplinary expertise, introduce the major conference themes, with an emphasis on large-scale context and opportunities for magnetic research to contribute to wider geoscience issues. Working sessions begin with a limited number of short invited talks, designed to set the stage for in-depth discussion. The emphasis is not on formal presentation of completed research; rather it is on recognition of present problems and opportunities for future progress. Approximately two hours are allotted for the post-presentation discussions. There is no formal scheduling of contributed presentations, but all conference participants are encouraged to be prepared to contribute to discussion of the major themes.


Wednesday, June 5

2:30 - 5:00     Check-in and registration for those arriving early for field trip



Thursday, June 6

8:30-3:00 (approx)   Field trip


2:30-5:00       Check-in and registration for non-field trip participants


7:00              Welcome and Opening Comments

                          Bruce Moskowitz, IRM, University of Minnesota


7:10               Keynote lecture    Ron Walsworth (Harvard): Quantum Diamond Sensors


8:30               Reception following the lecture



Friday, June 7

9:00              Morning Session:  Fundamental rock magnetism, micromagnetic modeling and imaging

Chairs:  Claire Nichols (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Sonia Tikoo (Stanford University)

Lesleis Nagy (SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography), Micromagnetic modeling of thermal stability, title TBA (Invited)

Karl Fabian (Geological Survey of Norway, NGU), Determining particle moments from magnetic microscopy and XRCT, title TBA (Invited)

James Bryson (Cambridge University, UK), Using x-ray photoemission electron microscopy as a paleomagnetic tool (Invited)


1:30              Afternoon Session: Processing Procedures and Protocols: Pittfals, Progress and Promise

Chairs: Ramon Egli (Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Vienna, Austria), Nicholas Swanson-Hysell (UC Berkeley)

 Lisa Tauxe (SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography), Domain states and magnetic characterization, title TBA (Invited)

Anna Lindquist (Macalester College), TEM studies in rock magnetism, title TBA (Invited)

Ramon Egli (ZAMG), Seeing thermal activations with FORC diagrams from the PMC3900 VSM and the new Lake Shore 8600 VSM (Invited)


4:30              Poster Session


    Evening Free



Saturday, June 8

9:00            Morning Session:  Enviromagnetism, Biomagnetism

Chairs: France Lagroix (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France), Jessica Till (University of Iceland, Iceland)

Ioan Lascu (Smithsonian Institution), Hunting for magnetofossils in deep time (Invited)

Mark Dekkers (Fort Hoofddijk, Utrecht, The Netherlands), Magnetic properties in the geosciences (Invited)

Pete Lippert (University of Utah), Environmental magnetism in deep time, title TBA (Invited)

Joe Kirschvink (California Institute of Technology), Earth's magnetic biosphere, title TBA (Invited)


1:30               Keynote lecture    Raimund Muscheler (Lund University, Sweden): Separating solar and geomagnetic field influences on cosmogenic radionuclide records


2:30            Afternoon Session:  Highs and lows of short-term geomagnetic field behavior                    

Chairs: Maxwell Brown (University of Iceland, Iceland), Catherine Constable (SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography)

Catherine Constable (SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography), Modeling short-term geomagnetic field bevavior, title TBA (Invited)

Ron Shaar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Synchronizing high resolution lacustrine and marine DRM records with archaeomagnetic TRMs: a natural laboratory in the Levant (Invited)

Ricardo Trindade (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Paleofield records in speleothems, title TBA (Invited)

Andreas Nilsson (Lund University, Sweden), Modeling Holocene field variations and pDRM acquisition in sediments, title TBA (Invited)


    Evening Free



Sunday, June 9

7:30 - 9:00   continental breakfast, Junior Commons


9:00            All-day technical session: Micromagnetic modeling with MERRILL part 1

Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh, UK)


10:30         (break)


1:30            All-day technical session: Micromagnetic modeling with MERRILL part 2

Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh, UK)