As speakers and talk titles are confirmed, they will be added to the list.
Wednesday, June 23
    2:30 - 5:00     Check-in and registration for those arriving early for field trip
Thursday, June 24
    8:30-3:00 (approx)   Field trip to Valles Caldera (John Geissman, leader)
    2:30-5:00       Check-in and registration for non-field trip participants
    7:00               Welcome and Opening Comments
                          Bruce Moskowitz, IRM, University of Minnesota
    7:10               Keynote lecture: Peter Olson, Johns Hopkins University
                          polarity reversals
Friday, June 25
    9:00              Morning Session:  Successful Developments in Paleointensity
                         Coordinators: Joshua Feinberg, IRM, University of Minnesota
                                                 Yohan Guyodo, IMPMC
                         Lisa Tauxe, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Invited)
                         An optimist’s view of paleointensity
                         Andrew Roberts, Australian National University (Invited)
                         Paleointensities from sediments: what have we learned and do they tell us
                         about geomagnetic field behavior?
                         Jeff Gee, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Invited)
                         Paleointensity estimates from multicomponent remanence
                         Ron Shaar, Hebrew University
                         Geomagnetic field intensity: How high can it get? How fast can it change?
                         Constraints from Iron-Age copper-slag
                         Julie Bowles, University of Minnesota
                         Timing of magnetite formation in synthetic basaltic glass: implications for paleointensity
                         Web-only Talk (view at any time before, during, or after meeting):
                                Andrew Biggin, University of Liverpool
                                PINT and the Path to the Perfect Paleointensity
                                (presentation is in PowerPoint Show format.  If you do not have PowerPoint,
                                 you can download PowerPoint Viewer for free.)
                                Please leave comments (anonymously if desired) regarding the PINT database
                                and paleointensity reliability criteria here.
    1:30              Afternoon Session: Extra-terrestrial Magnetism: Materials and Processes
                         Coordinators:  Mike Fuller, University of Hawaii
                                                 Kristin Lawrence, Stanford University
                         Richard Harrison, Cambridge University (Invited)
                         Mineral magnetism of dusty olivine: pitfalls and promise
                         Ian Garrick-Bethel, University of California, Santa Cruz (Invited)
                         Magnetism of lunar troctolite 76535
                         Kristin Lawrence, Stanford University (Invited)
                         Paleointensity measurements of extraterrestrial materials
                         Mike Fuller, University of Hawaii
                         New analyses of AF demagnetization data from the Apollo days:
                         old wine in new bottles
                         Lisa Tauxe, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
     Evening Free
Saturday, June 26
    9:00              Morning Session I, Keynote lecture:  Brandy Toner, Dept. of Soil, Water, and
                         Climate, University of Minnesota
                         Deep-Sea Deposits
    10:45            Morning Session II:  Environmental Magnetism
                        Coordinators: Christoph Geiss, Trinity College
                                                Richard Reynolds, US Geological Survey - Denver
                         Ted Evans, University of Alberta (Invited)
                         Loess-palaeosol magnetism
                         Fedora González-Lucena, University of Ottawa
                         Mineral Magnetic Characterization of Environmental Reference Materials:
                         Superparamagnetic Iron Oxyhydroxide Nanoparticles

                         Subir Banerjee, IRM, University of Minnesota (Invited)
                         The driver of environmentally initiated loess alteration: search for a basic model
                         Faye Nelson, University of Otago    
                         Environmental magnetic record of climate change, south-west Pacific
                         Eduard Petrovsky, Institute of Geophysics, ASCR (Invited)
                         Quo vadis: Modern environmental magnetism: personal point of view
     2:00             Afternoon Session: Quantitative Modeling of Mineral Magnetic Data
                         Coordinators: Andrew Newell, North Carolina State University
                                                Aleksey Smirnov, Michigan Technological University
                         Ramon Egli, Ludwig-Maximilians University (Invited)
                         Hysteresis modeling of single domain contributions in sediment using the
                         Preisach/FORC approach
                         Richard Harrison, Cambridge University (Invited)
                         Atomistic simulations in rock and mineral magnetism: What, when, how, and why?
                         Andrew Newell, North Carolina State University (Invited)
     Evening Free
Sunday, June 27
     7:30 - 9:00   continental breakfast, Junior Commons
     9:00             Morning Session:  IRM Summer School of Rock Magnetism: A Community
                                Based Program for Training the Next Generation of Paleomagnetists
                         Coordinators:  Bruce Moskowitz, IRM, University of Minnesota
                                                 Laurie Brown, University of Massachusetts
                                                 John Geissman, University of New Mexico