Field Trip: Cerrillos Hills & Cerros del Rio Volcanic Field
The field trip this year will be to the Cerrillos Hills and the Cerros del Rio volcanic field, and will be led by Mike Petronis and Jennifer Lindline (New Mexico Highlands University).
The trip will take us through the ~30-34 Ma Cerrilos Hills Igneous Complex, and then the Cerros del Rio volcanic field, a Plio-Pleistocene basaltic field related to the Rio Grande Rift.  In addition to stops to examine the geology in detail, discussions will include the local mining history and water quality, as well as what contributions paleomagnetism has made to our understanding of this region.
The field trip will cost $120 per person, which covers one additional night (Wed) in the St. John’s dorms, 3 meals, and field trip transportation.
Download the field trip guide here.  Please be aware that parts of the field trip will involve walking over steep and/or uneven terrain.
Tilted beds of the Galisteo Formation and the unconformably overlying Ancha Formation.