Program format:  The Santa Fe Conference on Rock Magnetism features an open, informal, discussion-oriented format, and serial session arrangement (i.e., no concurrent sessions). Two keynote presentations, featuring speakers from outside of rock-/paleomagnetism or with broad interdisciplinary expertise, introduce the major conference themes, with an emphasis on large-scale context and opportunities for magnetic research to contribute to wider geoscience issues. Working sessions begin with a limited number of short invited talks, designed to set the stage for in-depth discussion. The emphasis is not on formal presentation of completed research; rather it is on recognition of present problems and opportunities for future progress. Approximately two hours are allotted for the post-presentation discussions. There is no formal scheduling of contributed presentations, but all conference participants are encouraged to be prepared to contribute to discussion of the major themes.  
Wednesday, June 20
    2:30 - 5:00     Check-in and registration for those arriving early for field trip
Thursday, June 21
    8:30-3:00 (approx)   Field trip
    2:30-5:00       Check-in and registration for non-field trip participants
    7:00               Welcome and Opening Comments
                          Bruce Moskowitz, IRM, University of Minnesota
    7:10               Keynote lecture: Atmospheric dust aerosols: Sources, properties, and impacts
                          Irina N. Sokolik, Georgia Institute of Technology
    8:30               Reception following the lecture
Friday, June 22
    9:00              Morning Session:  Environmental magnetism of Fe oxides in the modern
                                environment with a focus on atmospheric dust
                         Chairs:  France Lagroix, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
                                      Richard Reynolds, US Geological Survey
                         Bernie Housen, Western Washington University (Invited)
                         Magnetic properties of particulate matter collected by tree leaves in Bellingham, WA:
                         implications for air quality monitoring in urban environments
                         Barbara Maher, Lancaster University (Invited)
                         Environmental magnetism of Fe oxides in continental environments
                         Andrew Roberts, Australian National University (Invited)
                         Atmospheric dust deposition in the oceans: mineralogy, biogeochemistry and climate
    1:30              Afternoon Keynote lecture:
                         Small Magnetism, Big Attraction: The Magnetotactic Bacteria                        
                         Dennis Bazylinski, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    2:30              Afternoon Session: Geomicrobiology and the magnetic signature of biogenic
                                iron minerals
                         Chairs: Ramon Egli, Austrian Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics
                                     Bob Kopp, Rutgers University
                         Andrew Roberts, Australian National University (Invited)
                         Magnetofossils everywhere: how abundant are biogenic magnetite and greigite in the
                         geological record?                      
                         Kathie Thomas-Keprta, Johnson Space Center (Invited)
                         The Origin of Magnetite Crystals in Martian Meteorite ALH84001
                         Michael Winklhofer, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München (Invited)
                         Magnetic and FMR measurements on candidate magnetoreceptor cells in fish
    4:15             Robin Reichlin, National Science Foundation
    Evening Free
Saturday, June 23
    9:00              Morning Session:  Paleointensity as a view into the evolution of the
                                Earth’s deep interior
                         Chairs: Maxwell Brown, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ
                                     Jeff Gee, Scripps Institution of Oceanography  
                        Aleksey Smirnov,  Michigan Technological University (Invited)
                        Long-term trends in absolute paleointensity as a proxy for the deep Earth's processes:
                        Are we there yet?
                        Leah Ziegler, Oregon State University (Invited)
                        Insights and challenges in million-year views of paleointensity variations recorded in
                        deep-sea sediments
                        Discussion:  Working towards a consensus on absolute paleointensity data selection/
                        reporting/uncertainty analysis to improve global geomagnetic field models: Is it a good
                        ideal and how might it be achieved?  Commentators: Cathy Constable (SIO), Lisa Tauxe
                        (SIO), Elisa Piipsa (MTU), Ron Shaar (SIO)      
     1:30             Afternoon Session:  Fundamental rock magnetism: Problems and opportunities                    
                         Chairs: Aleksey Smirnov, Michigan Technological University
                                     Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge
                         Julie Bowles, University of Minnesota (Invited)
                         Contributions of experimental petrology and mineralogy to rock magnetism:  
                         From rock squeezing to home-made magma
                         Richard Harrison, University of Cambridge (Invited)
                         Nanopaleomagnetism: Thinking inside the box
                         Eduardo Lima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Invited)
                         Scanning magnetic microscopy techniques to image magnetization distributions in
                         geological samples
                         Gunther Kletetschka, Charles University in Prague, and Academy of Science
                                of the Czech Republic, v.v.i.
                         Synform’s volcanics
                         Natalia Bezaeva, Lomonosov Moscow State University
                         Magnetic properties of heavily shocked samples of the iron meteorite Chinga
    Evening Free
Sunday, June 24
     7:30 - 9:00   continental breakfast, Junior Commons
     9:00             Morning Session: Round table discussion of a draft white paper on problems,
                                opportunities, and priorities in rock- and paleomagnetism
                         Chairs: Subir Banerjee, IRM, University of Minnesota
                                     Catherine Constable, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Draft of the white paper will be available for review prior to the meeting so participants can come prepared to discuss.