Samples for the Lakeshore and MPMS, and
KLY-2 Curie Temperature

Samples for the Lakeshore and MPMS cryogenic susceptometers, and the Kappabridge's furnace, are prepared in roughly the same way. Sample material can be in the form of a powder, rock chip, or single mineral. The only real requirement is that it can fit into a gelatin capsule ("the gelcap"), which in turn is inserted into the specialized sample tube "aka, a common plastic drinking straw", or into a small test tube (with about the same diameter as the aforementioned gelcaps). The straw containing the gelcap is then affixed to the sample-rod for either machine. Please note that, because moisture will dissolve the gelcap, the sample should be mostly dry.

In the image on the left, an empty gelcap can be seen, along with a straw with a gelcap inside. The capacity of a gelcap is about 500mg, the diameter is 5mm, length is 12 mm. For the Kappabridge, these samples would go straight into the furnace test-tube (sans gelcap!).