Equipment at the IRM

We have a number of different instruments for measuring a plethora of magnetic properties of rocks. Here you will find a page for each instrument, along with the types of samples it can measure (with your help).

Magnetic Properties Measurement System -- a cryogenic susceptometer by Quantum Designs.

Alternating Gradient Force Magnetometer -- by Princeton Measurements.

Variable-temperature (10 - 1025K) Vibrating Sample Magnetometer -- by Princeton Measurements.

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer -- by Princeton Applied Research.

KappaBridge Magnetic Susceptibility Bridge -- by Geofyzika. Model KLY2 with CS-2 Furnace.

Low-temperature AC Susceptometer -- by LakeShore Cryotronics.

AC Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility Bridge -- by Jim Marvin.

Mossbauer Spectrometer -- by Web Research and Ranger Scientific.

Superconducting Rock Magnetometer -- by 2G

The Magnetizers/Demagnetizers -- Schonstedt Alternating Field and Thermal Demagnetizers. ASC Pulse Magnetizer.

Magnetic Force Microscope -- by Digital Instruments.

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