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Update 6/15/2007:

The Endnote plus file has been updated! It now contains 11000+ references!

 The IRM's list of rock-magnetic, geomagnetic, and paleomagnetic references (now 11000+ and growing) is available in EndNote Plus format. Due to the large size of the database we are discontinuing supporting other formats. To download the EndNote Plus file, right click on it and choose "save link target". The MS Word 6.0 files, text versions and alphebetical listings are still availabe but are not being updated. The lists will be updated periodically. If you are downloading any of these files, be patient as the list is getting quite large.

The Reference List: (Note: The MS Word and text files are broken down into two files: a - l and m - z.)

EndNote Plus UPDATED 11/16/2006 MS Word 6.0 
a - l
MS Word 6.0 
m - z
Plain Text 
a - l
Plain Text 
m - z

Back issues of the Quarterly are also available online as PDF files. These back issues are not only interesting, but they are useful as well, for they contain fairly detailed articles about our equipment. You can use these articles to learn what sorts of experiments you might conduct as a visitor to the IRM (and also, which ones you might not be able to do).

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