Santa Fe 6 Schedule
Thursday, June 3:

AFTERNOON: registration and room check-in

EVENING: keynote lecture on "The Physics and Chemistry of Iron Oxide Surfaces and Nanoparticles: Geochemistry in silico" (Jim Rustad, UC-Davis)


Friday, June 4:

MORNING: beyond the usual suspects: "dirty" magnets, nanophases, etc. (Ken Kodama and Christoph Geiss, coordinators)

AFTERNOON: interdisciplinary approaches in rock magnetism: microscopy, spectroscopy, biogeochemistry… (Subir Banerjee, coordinator)



Saturday, June 5:

morning: keynote lecture on "Preisach Models and FORC Diagrams : A Critical Appraisal from a Physicist's Perspective" (Roy Roshko, U. of Manitoba)

AFTERNOON: Magnetic data collection, analysis and archival (Andrew Newell, coordinator)



Sunday, June 28:

MORNING: Future trends, funding, student training… (Chris Harrison and Laurie Brown, coordinators)

NOON: check-out and departure